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What this site is about?
Communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% words. Grammar has no link with communication!
Yet, the vast majority of language lessons consist of students sitting down with their textbooks open, while their teacher blabs on about some complicated grammar structure.
For more details on this subject read my article, The Language of Communication
Real language learning starts with students being active and receptive, not passive.
I use a variety of creative methods which I’ve picked up and developed over the years, things like Neuro-linguistic programming, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, laughter yoga, drama, the use of the 5 senses, total physical response and motivation.
To stimulate memory, I use emotion, humour and music, three very effective tools. For more details on this subject read my article, Memory, Music and Emotion in Learning
My English language courses are suited to learners of all levels, language teachers who are looking for more stimulating methods and even native speakers who want to have fun.
Laughing and learning go hand in hand. When you laugh, it produces endorphins, which in turn reduces stress and increases your learning capacities.
If you are interested in learning English in a fun, but effective way, send me a message with your details danny@laughnlearn.net. Although I’m based in Rome, Italy, I’m willing to travel anywhere in Italy and even abroad, so don’t despair!
Laughter yoga is a series of exercises which helps to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system and yes, open up your creative side, enabling you to learn better. For more details on this subject, read my article, Laughter yoga in English Language Teaching
Laughter yoga sessions are available in various parts of Rome, in different parts of Italy and around the world. Simply send a message with your details danny@laughnlearn.net.

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50 simple steps to improve your English
This new course is strictly linked to the book, "Learning English through the body - 50 steps to improve your English" which will be used as the text. http://www.amazon.it/dp/1516942957
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I was a happy man, then one day I came across LY
A short description of my book in my own words.
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CREATIVE AND DYNAMIC English lessons available all year round, where we listen and speak to REAL PEOPLE in REAL SITUATIONS. For INFO/BOOKINGS: www.laughnlearn.net or WHATSAPP 339 1626359
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Creative and stimulating ONLINE COURSES, wherever you are. BOOK your lessons now. Subject lessons include SHORT FILMS, STORYTELLING etc. www.laughnlearn.net or WHATSAPP 339 1626359
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